The Most Powerful English Word

Perhaps one of the most interesting and colorful words in the English language today is "F==K". It is the magical word which, just by its sound can describe pain, pleasure, hate, and love.

"F==K" falls into many grammatical categories.It can be used as a verb - both transitive (Dave f==ked Anne) and intransitive(Dave then f==ked off home). It can be used as an active verb (Dave f==ks Anne regularly) or as a passive verb (Anne is regularly f==ked by Dave). It makes a wonderful adjective (Anne is f==king beautiful) and can even be a noun (Dave is a fine f==k).

So you see, there are not many words with the versatility of "F==K". Besides its sexual connotations, this lovely word can be used to describe many situations :

aggression : Fuck you.

apathy : Who gives a fuck anyway?

denial : I didn't fucking do it.

derision : He fucks everything up

despair : Fucked again.

difficulty : I don't understand this fucking job.

disbelief : How the fuck did you do that?

dismay : Oh, fuck it.

displeasure : What the fuck is going on?

fraud : I got fucked by my insurance agent.

goodbye : Fuck off.

greeting : How the fuck are you?

incompetence : He's all fucked up.

lost :
Where the fuck are we?

mistake : That's fucked it.

panic :
Let's get the fuck out of here.
perplexity : I know fuck all about it.

philosophical : Who gives a fuck?

rebellion : Fuck this for a game of soldiers.

resignation : Oh, fuck it.

retaliation : Up your fucking ass.

surprise : Fuck me.

suspicion : Who the fuck are you?

trouble : I guess I'm fucked now.

It can be...useful in describing anatomy : He's a fucking asshole.

used to tell the time : It's five fucking thirty.

used in business :
How did I get this fucking job.

a predication : Oh, will I get fucked.

maternal : You great motherfucker.

nautical : Fuck the admiral.

political : Fuck Kinnock/Thatcher.

used to open a relationship : Let's fuck.

The word has, of course, been used by some very famous personalities throughout the years, the more notable of them being :

What the fuck was that? Mayor of Hiroshima

Look at all those fucking Indians! General Custer

Where's all that fucking water coming from? Captain of the Titanic

What a place to plant a fucking tree. Marc Bolan

That's not a real fucking gun. John Lennon

The fucking throttle's stuck! Donald Campbell

Who's going to fucking know? President Nixon

I'm outside the fucking exclusion zone. Capt. of Gen. Belgrano

Heads are going to fucking roll! Anne Boleyn

Who let that fucking woman drive? Space Shuttle Captain

Watch him, he'll have some fucker's eye out. King Harold

I thought I could smell fucking petrol. Nikki Lauda

What fucking map? Mark Thatcher

It's my best fucking coat. Michael Foot

She's just a fucking secretary. Cecil Parkinson

He's just a fucking mate. Jeremy Thorpe

Any fucker can understand that. Einstein

It fucking looks like her! Picasso

Where's the fucking brakes on this thing. Donald Campbell

Where the fuck are we? Christopher Columbus

It's a sunny day, we don't need a fucking top on the car. JFK

What the fucks that coming down the ventilation shaft. Iraqi airbase staff

Nobody will give a fuck about the poll tax. Margaret Thatcher

How the fuck do we work that out? Pythagoras

You want what on the fucking ceiling?! Michaelangelo

I don't suppose it's fucking raining. Joan of Arc

I didn't want to fucking go anyway. Sebastion Coe

I haven't got a fucking clue. Miss Marples.